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PALLADIS, a CANADIAN based Supplier of POS Terminals (Interac Machines) and ATMs, gives Merchants like you the opportunity of substantial savings and extra income (Commissions) when Palladis POS Terminal to process electronic debit/credit card payments. PALLADIS OFFERS STATE OF THE ART DESKTOP POS TERMINALS enabled to: i) process traditional Magnetic Stripe Cards (debit/credit cards); ii) process ultra-secure Smart Cards (Microchip Cards: fraud-proof credit cards with embedded microchips and assigned PINs); iii) activate and sell calling time of long distance and cellular phone calls. These advanced POS Terminals are compact, fast, easy to use and above all, very affordable. Other products and services like, Mobile/Wireless POS Terminals (ideal for food delivery, flea market kiosks, taxi service, etc.) and ATMs (for cash dispensing) are also offered by Palladis. WHEN YOU ACQUIRE A TERMINAL FROM PALLADIS, you may opt for keeping your current bank account The money resulting from your debit/credit cards sales through the Terminal will be electronically deposited into any of your accounts at any Canadian Bank. Even into your personal account. A DESKTOP POS TERMINAL IS COMPRISED OF THE FOLLOWING COMPONENTS: Main Unit to be operated by Merchants equipped with: i) high speed thermal printer; ii) Magnetic Stripe Card Reader; iii) conventional dial-up (modem) connection; iv) Internet (IP) hardware solution for ultra fast transactions, using a high-speed Internet connection (optional) Pin-pad: to be operated by Merchants’ clients equipped with: i) Magnetic Stripe Card Reader and ii) Smart Card Reader. Thanks to this dual possibility, Terminal users can swipe/introduce by themselves into any of the two card reading slots of the Pin-pad, either Magnetic Stripe Cards or Smart Cards (Microchip Cards). YOU MAY EITHER LEASE-TO-OWN OR PURCHASE the Desktop POS Terminal. 0PTION 1 - LEASE-TO-OWN (THROUGH A FINANCING/LEASING COMPANY ASSOCIATED TO PALLADIS) OPTION 2 - PURCHASE (DIRECTLY FROM PALLADIS) CREDIT CARD DISCOUNT RATE: LOWEST RATE IN THE INDUSTRY OPTIONAL SURCHARGE (CONVENIENCE FEE) TO CLIENTS COMMISSIONS TO BE EARNED BY MERCHANT (ONLY IF TERMINAL CHARGES SERVICE FEES TO CLIENTS) SERVICES/WARRANTY (AT NO LABOR COST TO THE MERCHANT): i) PROCESSING OF DEBIT/CREDIT CARD ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS; II) TECHNICAL SUPPORT; III) TROUBLESHOOTING;