Palladis is a Registered MSP/ISO of the Canadian branch of U.S. Bank National Association and Elavon
Palladis Processing Solutions
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■ PALLADIS INC., a Canadian Supplier/Service Provider  of POS Terminals (Interac Machines) and ATMs has been  supplying/servicing POS Terminals in Canada since 1998. ■ Palladis gives Merchants like you the opportunity of  substantial savings and extra income (Commissions) by  autonomously operating your own POS Terminal using  your same bank account.  ■ You don’t need to open a new Bank Account. All the  Terminals supplied by Palladis are authorized and  programmed to deposit funds (your money) electronically  in an existing Account of any major Canadian Bank. Even  into your personal account. ■ Palladis supplies/services advanced technology,  compact, easy-to-use, higher speed wired POS Terminals  ready to process debit/credit card electronic payments  and pre-paid phone calls pin numbers (if requested) to  sell long distance and cellular phone calling time through the machine. Wireless (mobile phone) technology POS  Terminals (for food delivery, flea markets vendors, taxis,  etc.) are also available (at a higher price).
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